Living the Beatitudes in a Broken World and Wounded Church Audio Course: Vita Consecrata Institute 2022

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by Rev. Sebastian Walshe, O.Praem. & Rev. Thomas Nelson, O.Praem.

Christ calls all the faithful to full blown sanctity which is embodied in the Beatitudes. This requires God's elevating grace to bring humanity to Divinization. But humanity is broken and wounded by sin especially in our age with the breakdown of the family and Christian culture. This requires God's healing grace. The first part of the course will cover the Christian ideals we call the Beatitudes as given to us in the scriptures. The second part of the course will show how living the Beatitudes is the key to true healing in a broken world and a wounded Church. (SPIR 806)

The course is divided into 20 sessions; all sessions are included for $30. It is purchased as a digital download; a link will be emailed to you following purchase.