Catechism on Consecrated Life

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by Rev. John A. Hardon, S.J.

In his masterful apostolic exhortation Vita Consecrata (Consecrated Life), Pope John Paul II deals with the gravity of the issues of consecrated life today, answering such questions as “What is the purpose of consecrated life?” and “Why embrace this kind of life when there are so many urgent needs in the areas of charity and evangelization?”

This Catechism on the Consecrated Life is an excellent study guide as well as commentary on Vita Consecrata. As such, this 62-page booklet is a great companion to what many consider the capstone document of Paul John II's papacy. It will be especially useful for anyone considering a religious vocation and for those in novitiate training. It provides a useful summary of the Vicar of Christ's teaching on consecrated life in an easy-to-use question and answer format, complete with reference numbers to the Holy Father’s original exhortation after each answer. It also contains a handy index.