An Invitation to Intimacy

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by Sr. Evelyn Ann Schumacher, O.S.F.

When Jesus invited the first disciples to “come and see,” He was inviting them to remain in His presence so that they might enter into a relationship of intimacy with Him and His Father.

In the Farewell Address of Jesus, as it is presented in Saint John’s Gospel, we find Him giving final instruction to His disciples. Even though Jesus is addressing that intimate group of disciples who were His closest friends and followers during the three years of His public ministry, He directs His words to all future disciples to the end of time.

In this book, Sister Evelyn Ann reflects on how Christians who respond to the invitation to intimacy with the divine become truly effective in promoting peace and justice in a world fragmented by sin and strife. Through a deliberate and continuing gift of self to Jesus Christ in faith, they make themselves available to Him. Because of their oneness with Him and the Father in the indwelling Holy Spirit, they participate in the mission of the Church with a power that is more than merely human.