A Matter of the Heart: Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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by Rev. James Kubicki, S.J. 60 pp. Introduction by Raymond L. Cardinal Burke.

Loving with the Heart of Jesus! Who can deny that is our ultimate calling? And if devotion to the Sacred Heart is urged upon all the faithful, how much more essential is it for a consecrated person who is called to follow wholeheartedly “by conforming one’s whole existence to Christ.”

Ultimately such conformity is a matter of the heart. Beginning with “heart knowledge” of God’s deep personal love, each of us is called to come to know Him intimately. This is the knowledge that transforms hearts and configures consecrated persons more closely to Jesus, one day at a time.

In this book, Father Kubicki provides rich reflections on why devotion to the Sacred Heart is not one devotion among many, nor the particular charism of a few, but an essential element for those seeking to be closely configured to Christ through the profession of the evangelical counsels. He also offers practical considerations and practices on how to live this configuration to the Sacred Heart so that one can truly grow in the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.