2016 IRL National Meeting: Jubilee Year of Mercy

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All thirteen talks and three homilies given during the powerful 2016 IRL National Meeting at Mundelein Seminary, available on CD format!

Talks Include:

Most Rev. Donald J. Hying, Contemplating the Face of Mercy: Rediscovering the Person of Jesus”

Mother Mary McGreevy, R.S.M., “Being Instruments of Mercy: Learning to Forgive and Give”

Rev. Seraphim Michalenko M.I.C., “Consecrated and Chosen Souls in the work of Mercy”

Dr. Edward Sri, “Becoming Missionaries to a Wounded World”

Rev. Richard Simon, “Rich in Mercy: Gospel Glimpses into Divine Mercy”

Rev. Brian Mullady, “Reawakening Our Consciences Through the Works of Mercy”

Rev. Edward Looney, Mary, Reciepent and agent of Mercy”

Rev. Anthony Lajato OFM Conv., “Swimming with the Saints in the Ocean of Mercy”

Deacon Sabatino Carnazzo, “The Year of Mercy: A Byzantine Perspective”

Andy LaVallee, “Transforming Hearts on the Fast Track to Mercy”

Vivian Imbruglia, “Sacred Icons as Doorways to Divine Mercy”

Sr. Ana Pia Cordua, scjtm, “Confession: Experiencing the Grandeur of God’s Infinite Mercy”

Rev. Seraphim Michalenko M.I.C., “Living and Walking in the Pathway of Divine Mercy”

Homilies: Most Rev. Robert Vasa, Rev. Thomas Nelson OPraem. and Rev. William Miller I.C.

Available as a 16-CD set or one MP3 CD.