Mary & Joseph in the Spiritual Life Audio Course: Vita Consecrata Institute 2021

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By Rev. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B. (1st Week) & Msgr. Arthur Calkins (2nd Week)

This course will focus on the four Marian dogmas and Mary’s active collaboration in the work of Redemption. Students will also explore the foundations of Josephology and St. Joseph’s exemplification of the virtues of contemplative life in order to develop a relationship with St Joseph as a father and friend in prayer, as well as an inspiration for the formation of the contemplative virtues. Points of reference will include sacred Scripture, Magisterial teaching–especially the writings of John Paul II on the Blessed Virgin–and the writings of other saints and doctors of the Church (SPIR 805).

The course is divided into 26 sessions; all sessions are included for $30. It is purchased as a digital download; a link will be emailed to you following purchase.