Christian Asceticism Audio Course: Vita Consecrata Institute 2022

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by Rev. Thomas Nelson, O.Praem.

This course studies the ascetical life of penance and self-denial and the necessary role it plays in the Christian life of virtue and prayer. It takes as its primary framework the teaching of St. John of the Cross on the purifications the soul must experience to reach Christian perfection. Within that context the ascetical practices of fasting and vigils, custody of the senses and the disciplining of the passions, and the mortification of the intellect, memory, and will are explained. Lastly, the course looks at the passive dark nights the soul must endure to reach union with God, and the power of redemptive suffering.  (SPIR 633)

The course is divided into 20 sessions; all sessions are included for $30. It is purchased as a digital download; a link will be emailed to you following purchase.